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Company Profile

Gateway Healthcare was established in 2010 by a group of investors with many years of experience in the healthcare sector. Since then the company has grown rapidly and has become one of Thailand’s leading importers of medical equipment.

Dedicated to the import, distribution and support of sophisticated medical equipment we are a market leader for intensive care and medication management.

A major strength of the organization is our technical expertise and high level of service support and training that we can offer to our customers. Our management and staff having many years of experience in the healthcare sector

Our customers are both private and public hospitals throughout Thailand as well as medical professionals.

Moving forward our goal is to continue to build on our existing strengths and to broaden our product offering.

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To provide superior quality medical equipment that physicians and healthcare professionals prefer for their patients. To create and sustain a sense of pride in all our employees and business partners by providing the highest level of support to our customers.

Our Vision

Provide the best services and assurance to customers for utmost usefulness of our medical equipment.